MISSION: Through the vehicle of Jen Roit’s art and vision, Armada Dance strives to change the world by making contemporary and modern dance more accessible to broader audiences through narrative dance and artistic collaboration. Furthermore, Armada Dance will evoke change in the dance community by providing opportunities to all types of talented artists and great movers who may defy traditional molds and expectations of “dancer”.




Proud of hroit-warmer West Coast origins, Jen Roit received a merit scholarship to attend NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. After working with choreographers such as Karole Armitage, Bill Young, and Dwight Rhoden, Jennifer graduated with a BFA in Dance. She then continued a diverse dance career with Alpha Omega Theatrical Dance Company, Jennifer Archibald/Arch Dance Company, Nathan Trice/Rituals, Transcendance Group, Mark Dendy, Daniel Holt/DIRT, and Randy James/10HL Projects, as well as performing and choreographing for ads, film shorts, and music videos. In addition to performing, she is the editor for Dance Magazine’s College Guide, project manager for the TERP system for directing human movement, as well as a member of three innovative dance-related projects: NACHMO’s Artist Committee, Dances for Solidarity, and alum of Dance/NYC’s Junior Committee.

Jen’s official choreographic career began when she participated in her first NACHMO in 2014, creating the solo “No Longer Lost.” She presented this solo for Spoke the Hub’s Winter Follies program, won the audience vote, and was presented in a split bill that fall. She was selected for the Breaking Glass Project, a mentorship program offering artistic and administrative consultation for emerging female choreographers receiving administrative mentorship from Jennifer Edwards and artistic mentorship from Camille Brown. In 2015, she participated in NYU’s Alumni Choreographic Workshop led by Stephen Petronio.

Under her company Armada Dance, Jen has presented work for BalaSole Dance Company, MaD Circle Dance, Bailout Theater at Judson Church, The Moving Beauty Series, Jennifer Mueller’s HATCH, Amalgamate Artist Series, Dance 2 Dance by Art Helix, Jessica Chen’s TRANSLATE at Dixon Place, The Intimate Series, WAXworks at Triskelion, Liberty Hall Dance Festival, StylePointe for Fashion Week, and Ticino in Danza in Switzerland.


Artist Statement

My end goal is to democratize dance, making it more accessible and attractive to a larger audience. Aesthetically, my work reflects my classical background with influences of flamenco, ballroom, post-modern, and hip-hop. Rather than finding grace in the extension of a leg, I look for overall fluidity of transitions in my dancers. Isolated and intricate gestures help to set the tone of my work, while intense floorwork and adventurous partnering add movement depth. I look for collaborators in music and design to help push boundaries in my work.

Onstage, I want to translate stories through movement that stem from personal yet universal experiences, inspiring using the beauty and range of human emotion, from rage to sadness to ecstasy. Creating a vulnerable space through performance allows the message of my work to seep through, giving each person watching the chance to experience a release of tension from allowing themselves to open up. To engage the audience behind the scenes, I am active on social media, bringing my audience members into the studio whenever possible by sharing pictures and clips of my works in progress. I utilize innovative resources such as to create a larger audience for my work and generate new sources of funding besides the traditional resources.

I encourage audience members to empower themselves by writing reviews on DancEnthusiast’s review platform so they can see them selves as active participants, as opposed to passive recipients. Outside of the studio, I work on projects that help to bring an understanding of dance and choreography to a new audience with organizations like TERP Corp and NACHMO, National Choreography Month.




  • Postcard for the DancEnthusiast: “Which brings me to the start of 2015, a little over a year later with a cast of 11 dancers as well as a singer, shows happening almost once a month, a 5-month choreographic workshop with Stephen Petronio, and a highlight in the month of June by the 12by12 Initiative.”
  • TRUSTissues for MaD Circle: “The concert concluded with Jennifer Roit and Ray Keller’s performance of Roit’s TRUSTissues, set Larry Matthew Gaab’s “Dreaming Tangos”. Gaab’s eerie and fluid music, itself an interesting take on the traditional tango, was effectively matched to Roit’s graceful choreography.”