National Choreograhy Month is your yearly choreographic kick in the pants. Conceived by Sharyn Korey and Anna Brown Massey and inspired by National Novel Writing Month, NACHMO spurs dancers to choreograph by challenging them to work against a deadline.

In January each year, we put aside our excuses, our hesitations, and perhaps our day jobs to work intensely on making dance. Through the communal blog, social media, and live events, we provide opportunities for individual artists to network and collaborate.

Jen has served on the Artist Committee for NACHMO 2015 & 2016, helping with fundraising and launching the new NACHMO Film Project. She also serves as the national recruitment director.

No Longer Lost

No Longer Lost, NACHMO 2014


By Your Side, NACHMO 2015


Lament, NACHMO 2016


TERP System

Photo by Michael Anton

Photo by Michael Anton

The TERP System, invented by Patrice M. Regnier, is a wireless, choreograhic broadcast system. Currently it consists of custom-built hardware and software allowing for up to 20 users at a time. We are in bootstrap fundraising mode to create a mobile device app that anyone can use to play with their friends, parents, kids, students, even strangers.





Dances for Solidarity

Created by Sarah Dahnke, Dances for Solidarity has created a list of simple movement gestures that are open to interpretation. The group mails this list, along with a short letter, to a variety of incarcerated people in solitary confinement, letting them know that there are others in similar situations who are also participating in this project. The incarcerated people are invited perform these gestures in sequence, as many times as they like, when they are feeling anxious, stressed, angry or need an outlet for boredom or an activity. There is solidarity in knowing that there may be another incarcerated person in solitary confinement–or someone on the outside–doing the same dance at the same time.

Live stream capture from Westbeth installation

Live stream capture from Westbeth installation

Site performance at Westbeth Photo Credit: Šara Stranovsky

Site performance at Westbeth
Photo Credit: Šara Stranovsky








Dances for Solidarity will have ongoing opportunities for live engagement outside the prison system, including events where attendees are invited to dance in solidarity with those who are incarcerated, and a website that will allow users to announce how many times they have danced in solidarity each day. While this project aims to raise awareness around the inhumane conditions inside of our nation’s prison system, it is also an ephemeral, abstract performance piece about creating a sensation of existence for those who have been placed out of sight and out of mind.


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